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Welcome to Bourdelais Grinding

A full service Blanchard and Double Disc precision grinding shop located in Simi Valley, California 

Who We Are

Back in the day...

Bourdelais Grinding is a Blanchard, Double Disc, and O.D. grinding facility located in Simi Valley, California. We provide high quality precision grinding throughought Los Angeles and Ventura county and for our out-of-state clients in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon.

Blanchard and Double Disc Grinding 
We have over 30 years of experience holding close tolerances with a wide variety of common and specialty materials. We grind all grades of aluminum, steel, titanium, copper, and brass. Some of our most commonly ground steels include 13-8, 15-5, 17-4, 300 series, AM-355, 400 series, and Nitronic 60 stainless steels and aircraft alloys such as 4130 and 4140 annealed. Tricky super alloys like inconel, waspalloy, invar, and kovar are no problem for our experienced Blanchard and double disc grinders. 

Production Saw 
Our services include production cutoff saws. Reduce your lead time and cut your freight expenses in half by having barstack dropshipped to us for a one-stop cut and grind.

A Brief Timeline

Bourdelais Grinding Co. Inc., established in 1972 by William and Edith Bourdelais.
It has been owned and operated by Brian Carrigan since 1985.

In 1995 Bourdelais Grinding moved to Chatsworth Ca

In 2005 Bourdelais Grinding moved to its current location in Simi Valley where we continue serving Southern California and the Western United States.

Grinding is Good

Double Disc Grinding

​Double disc grinding is an efficient method of stock removal that results in very high precision parts. Using opposing abrasives wheels, the double disc quickly removes equal stock from both sides of a part. By grinding both sides, double disc grinding has the added benefit of relieving internal stress on material, making it easier to machine.

Blanchard Grinding

“The Blanchard Grinder is generally recognized as the quality machine tool for surface grinding where maximum production, finish and accuracy are prerequisites.”
from “The Art and Practice of Blanchard Grinding”

Blanchard grinding is the preferred choice for jobs with heavy stock removal, one side grind, or parts too large for a double disc grinder. A rotary surface grinder, the Blanchard rapidly removes material from one side of a part at a time to result in precision parts with the signature crosshatch finish. Our maximum capacity grinder can hold up parts that measure up to 42 inches diagonally.

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What Our Clients Say:

Avatar Chandler Guy Just Some Guy
Brian is just awesome. I am so happy to have met him-but we all know it's Jillian who runs the place.

Avatar Chris Mighty CEO at Mighty Metal
I thought I was getting a good job before - then I went to Bourdelais and found out what quality really means!

Avatar Rebecca Flex CEO at FlexCo
Boor-Duh-Lay? What kind of name is that? If they changed the name to "Mr Grinding" I could pronounce it better.